School of Electronic Engineering

       The School of Electronic Engineering of Xidian University is rich in history with strong academic strength. It was founded in 1952, which is one of the earliest departments in China to offer radar, microwave antenna and DZDK. After 70 years of construction, it has formed distinctive characteristics and advantages of electronics and information disciplines.
       The school has three disciplines authorized to offer master's and doctoral degree programs (all of which are national key disciplines, including seven doctoral disciplines and eight master's disciplines) and four undergraduate majors.
     The school has adhered to the philosophy of virtue, student-oriented and teachers as the core competitiveness, forging a well-structured and innovative faculty. At present, there are 374 faculty members, including 329 full-time faculty members, 146 full-time doctoral supervisors and 264 full-time master supervisors. The school has 4 national innovation teams, 2 innovation teams of the Ministry of Education, etc.
     Adhering to the education concept of "teaching students according to their aptitude and training by classification", the school has actively explored and implemented a series of innovative talent training mode reforms, such as the "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program", "Bi Dexian Teaching Reform Class" and "Sino-French cooperative Project". In the past five years, our students have won more than 100 prizes in various national-level academic as well as science and technology competitions. The employment rate of graduate and undergraduate graduates has remained above 99.4 percent and 98 percent, which are favored by employers.
     The school has 6 national research platforms, 3 research platforms of the Ministry of Education, 3 research platforms of Shaanxi Province, 3 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 experimental teaching demonstration centers of Shaanxi Province. The school has produced the first meteorological rain radar in China, developed the first programmable radar signal processor and the first generation of large-scale phased array radar in China, and made a number of landmark achievements in the fields of radar, antenna and microwave, information security and artificial intelligence.   
     During its 70 years of operation, the school has trained a large number of well-known scholars, senior managers, leading electronic information talents and more than 30,000 outstanding talents in related fields for the country, making important contributions to national construction and social progress. In the future, the school will continue to the road of intension development, and adhere to the idea of "based in the west, nurture people and talents, strengthen the military and benefit the people, pursue service leading, as well as promote unity and practical work". Our school will give full play to the advantages of specialized research fields and comprehensive strength, stand at the frontier of world science and technology, meet the major needs of the country, face the main battlefield of the national economy, gather the first-class team to cultivate outstanding talents, produce better results, make great contributions, and make unremitting efforts to build a world-class school with distinctive electronic information characteristics.