Sino-French Cooperation Program Launched a Series of Activities of "Talking about Folklore and Traditions

(Correspondent: Zhang Yanfei, Wu Yuanyuan) In order to promote Chinese traditional culture, relieve the stress of studies, and improve students' cultural literacy and comprehensive quality, the Sino-French Cooperation Program launched a series of activities of "Talking about folk customs and traditions" this semester, including "Hand-made green dumplings", "Painted kites", "Scented bag DIY" and "Summer mung bean cake", which combined tradition and fun, and let students know the charm of traditional culture more deeply in the process of hands-on experience.

Spring is the best time to make green dumplings. The Sino-French Cooperation Program took advantage of the Tomb-sweeping holiday to make green dumplings by hand. Under the guidance of professional teachers, students formed their own teams, boiled water, made green dumplings, and filled the green dumplings in an orderly manner. It took more than an hour to make the dumplings, which were as green as jade, glutinous, soft and fragrant. Some creative students used the ingredients on site to make their own special dumplings. The students packed the dumplings carefully and brought them back to the dormitory to share with their roommates and share the joy of food with their friends.

"Children come home early from school and take advantage of the east wind to fly kites" is what many students remember about kites when they were young. Kites have a long history of more than 2,000 years in China, and kite flying is a very popular activity. The "kite painting" is divided into two parts: kite painting and kite flying. In the process of kite painting, students played with their own creativity and painted their own kites with colorful colors to find the fun of childhood. During the weekend, students came to the playground of South Campus with their friends and partners and flew their hand-painted kites into the sky.

In addition to eating zongzi and racing dragon boats, wearing incense pouch is also a custom that has been passed down for thousands of years. The instructor firstly popularized the origin and custom of Dragon Boat Festival and the method of making the incense pouch to the students, while they threaded the needle and made the incense pouch and discussed the key points of sewing with each other. In addition to female students, the event also attracted a group of male students who had first contact with needle and thread. In the light fragrance of mugwort, a small, delicate and refreshing incense pouch was born. The boys couldn't help but feel: "It's so difficult to make the incense pouches, you have to be careful and patient, and it's a great challenge to finish sewing them. After seeing the fruits of their hard work, the students took out their cell phones to take pictures and share them with their families far away. The activity not only created a strong atmosphere for the Dragon Boat Festival, but also inherited and promoted the traditional custom of making incense pouches.

After the instructor introduced the raw materials and how to use the molds, the students started to make the dough, weighing and pressing the molds, and became more and more skillful. After a busy period, each exquisite mung bean cake was presented in front of everyone's eyes, and all the students present had a sense of accomplishment. There was also a lively discussion on the differences between northern and southern mung bean cakes, and the students learned about the differences in the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

This semester, the Sino-French Cooperation Program carried out the theme of "Talking about folk customs and traditions", which was innovative and rich in content, attracting active participation of students in the program, leading the students to get close to traditional culture, enhancing the awareness of promoting the excellent Chinese traditional culture, establishing a high degree of cultural consciousness and cultural confidence, and giving full play to the positive role of excellent traditional The program will closely follow the development of traditional culture. The Sino-French Cooperation Program will closely focus on the central work of the college, expand the work ideas, play the role of the organization, and improve the cultural literacy and comprehensive quality of the program students.