The Second French Reading Contest of the Sino-French Cooperation Program was Successfully Completed

(Correspondent Wu Yuanyuan Zhang Yanfei) In order to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning French and improve their speaking skills, the Sino-French Cooperation Program launched the second "Book Reading Competition" for all students, attracting more than 200 students from four grades to participate.

On May 24th and June 2nd, the second "Book Reading Contest" award ceremony was held on the north and south campuses respectively, where the award certificates and prizes were presented to the winning students. Li Long, Vice President of the School of Electronic Engineering, Hu Haihong, Director of the Sino-French Cooperation Office, Zong Ru, Deputy Director of the Office, administrative staff of the Office, as well as class teachers and counselors of each year attended the award ceremony.

Li Long firstly congratulated the winning students, he emphasized the importance of French in the project study, and that a solid foundation in French can guarantee efficient study in future professional courses. He hoped that the students would make full use of the quality teaching platform of the Sino-French Cooperation Program to become high-level international talents with global vision, and encouraged them to make further efforts and achieve further success in their future studies.

The representatives of the winning students, including Lv Jianming, Hu Yihan, Wang Sijia, Zhu Xiaorong, exchanged questions and answers with the class teachers in French. Although there were some grammatical errors in the students' questions and their expressions were not fluent enough, the teachers listened patiently and gave detailed answers. 2019 student Kang Jiale, the winner of the prize, shared his French learning experience with his younger siblings on the spot: He believed that French learning cannot be achieved overnight, but requires daily uninterrupted study and long-term accumulation. He said that it is impossible to learn French overnight. He also encouraged the students to be confident, bold and hard-working on their way to study.

Through this activity, not only did the program students develop the habit of reading aloud in French and improve their French speaking skills, but also stimulated their enthusiasm for learning French. In the future, the School will continue to carry out a series of activities in French with the actual situation of the students, so as to better lead and support the program students to study in France and complete their studies successfully.