New Breakthrough! SEE Students Win the AMS Award in the 2023 International Mathematical Modeling Competition

(Correspondent Wang Dong, Zhang Ling) The 2023 International Student Mathematical Modeling Competition came to an end, and the team of two students from the School of Electronic Engineering of Xidian University, majoring in electromagnetic field and wireless technology, Zhang Haiyan and Lei Yuno, majoring in Electronic Information Engineering, won the Outstanding Award and the American Mathematical Society Award (AMS Award). (AMS Award). This is another historic breakthrough after winning the Leonhard Euler Award in the International Student Mathematical Competition in 2018.

The International Collegiate Mathematical Modeling Competition (MCM/ICM) is an international mathematical modeling competition sponsored by the Mathematical Consortium of America and its Applications, and is the most influential mathematical modeling competition in the world. Every year, the competition attracts the best students from universities around the world to compete. The competition covers a wide range of topics in economics, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine, security and other fields. The competition requires a team of three students (undergraduates) to work on a given problem for four days, from modeling, solving, validating to writing a paper, which is a comprehensive test of the participants' ability to study the problem, solution and teamwork.

The AMS Award is a special honor given by the American Mathematical Society to one team from each of the three ICM Grand Prizes for problems D, E, and F. A total of 20,858 teams participated in the 2023 International Collegiate Mathematical Modeling Competition, of which 0.18% won the Grand Prize and 0.028% won the AMS.

After four days of hard work and dedication, Zhang Haiyan and Lei Yunuo's team won the award. When talking about his feelings after winning the award, Zhang Haiyan said, "The moment I checked the results, I still remembered how the three people with different characteristics at the beginning of the team coalesced into a team. During the preparation period, from the basic model to the interdisciplinary model training, we gradually developed a tacit understanding from the abstract problems, and everyone put in a lot of time and effort. There were always heated arguments during preparation and competition, and as team captain, I would especially like to thank my teammates for their trust in me at all times, which carried us through the competition. Secondly, I would like to thank my family, the teachers at the base and the college for their encouragement, teaching and help during the preparation period." "A diamond in the rough" was the initial assessment of the team by Lei Yunuo, and polishing was the only thing they did during the three months of preparation. He said, "We were eager to make a piece of unfinished jade shine through again. Fortunately, we succeeded, the moment we submitted our paper. I don't think any of the rewards belong to me personally, except for the joy. Lastly, I think in the future we can share our successes and keep more awards and honors in the school and college!" .

Conducting extracurricular academic and scientific competitions for college students is not only an important guarantee to enhance the comprehensive quality of college students, but an inevitable requirement for colleges and universities to cultivate high-quality talents. The competition allows students to consolidate their professional knowledge and increase their comprehensive ability on a continuous basis. In the future, the School of Electronic Engineering will continue to invest efforts in the competition. It will encourage students to actively participate in the competition, help the School's education cause high-quality development, and improve independent talent training.