School of Electronic Engineering Successfully Held the 8th International Forum for HUASHAN Scholars Sub-Forum

(Correspondent Duan Xiaole) In the afternoon of May 25, the School successfully held the 8th International Forum for HUASHAN Scholars Sub-Forum in the third conference room of North Campus Office Building. 7 scholars from Denmark, UK, Macau and Singapore participated in this forum. Executive Dean Ding Jinshang, Vice Deans Li Long and Cao Jing, Director of National Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology Liu Ying and faculty representatives attended the forum. The opening ceremony was hosted by Vice Dean Cao Jing.
Li Long gave a detailed introduction to the visiting scholars on the history of the college, faculty, personnel training, scientific research, discipline development and outstanding alumni, etc. At the same time, he expressed the eagerness and importance of the School for outstanding young talents, and hoped that the visiting scholars would fully understand the situation of the college and the university through this forum, and join the family of SEE as soon as possible.
Liu Zhongxun, a young teacher at the School, shared his growing experience with the scholars present. He talked about that the new young teachers should recognize the role of the team in holding up, make a good identity change as soon as possible, combine their research directions with the national needs, and write their research results on the motherland. After that, Liu Ying and Li Long introduced the basic information of National Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology and Key Laboratory of Ultra-High Speed Circuit Design and Electromagnetic Compatibility of the Ministry of Education respectively to the scholars.
Ding Jinshang introduced to the participating scholars how young teachers can properly plan their scientific research directions and apply for scientific research projects. He also introduced the team and the favorable mechanism of the platform and special zone for innovative talents to jointly help young teachers develop and succeed. He stated that the comprehensive strength of the School of Electronic Engineering is strong, and the School has the confidence to provide excellent research platforms and support for the declaration of various talent projects for scholars, so as to provide assistance for their rapid growth and success. Finally, the scholars and the participating teachers had a full exchange on the way of introducing talents to the School, the policy of tenure-track, the declaration of high-level talent projects and the arrangement of teaching and research work, and two scholars expressed their willingness to join the team on the spot and clearly proposed to join the team.
In order to accommodate the schedule of the scholars, the School invited Professor Jiao Yongchang, the director of the professor committee, to communicate with Dr. Huang Zixuan, a Singaporean scholar who was unable to attend the conference, in advance in Conference Room 231 of the North Campus Office Building on May 23. Jiao Yongchang introduced the School, the discipline of electromagnetic field direction and scientific research development in detail from multiple perspectives. He helped Dr. Huang Zixuan analyze the future development plan, and Cao Jing, vice president of the School, introduced the talent introduction policy. 
With the successful holding of the HUASHAN Scholars Sub-Forum, the School has been able to recruit outstanding young talents and promote talent exchange. In addition, the School will use this opportunity to implement all sorts of talent exchange and recruitment activities in order to attract first-class talent into our school, contributing to the construction of our university's "double first-class."